Plant more trees in Marine Ward

Worthing Borough Council has recently declared a Climate Emergency and Marine Ward Candidate Gavin Poole is planning to make a real tangible difference in support of this work.

Trees are true superheroes for our community and as well as adding to the green aesthetic of the area, they contribute hugely to catching pollutants, reducing flooding and provide habitats to vast quantities of different organisms. I am campaigning for greater bio-diversity in Marine Ward and Worthing as a whole, and need your help to plant more trees.

The idea is simple, if you have a garden pledge your support to my campaign and let me know how many trees you might be able to plant. Not got the space yourself? Not a problem, you can nominate a plot of public or private land for planting.

With enough community support and crucially your vote in May, I can make a real difference to keep Marine Ward a clean and green place for us all to enjoy!

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Gavin Poole