Russ Cochran

Northbrook Ward Campaigner

A bit about Russ

Having been brought up locally, I would love to see our community spirit lifted. We only get out what we collectively put in to the area, so, together, we can really show why Northbrook is a great place to live! 

I coach youth football teams so am passionate about youth provision in our area. The teams I coach are made up of children from all backgrounds who, by working together forge strong friendships, bonds and importantly, win!  

As adults we can take a lot from this simple message and this collective spirit is what I would like to bring to the Council if elected.

I’m lucky enough to have been involved in a number of community projects and initiatives. If elected, my personal philosophy is to try to improve the present to take care of the future. 

Our young people are the future and by investing in them we can ensure them the brightest of futures.

We were all young once, and you will identify that we must give young people every opportunity to achieve their full potential. We need to reach out, connect and enable all the young people in Northbrook to prosper and thrive.

Russ' priorities for Northbrook Ward:

  • Better youth provision. I’d like to see a purpose-built youth centre in our area.
  • Better representation of residents through community forums and residents’ associations.
  • Better use of our green spaces with the creation of a Northbrook Fayre community event.
  • Better bus provision for the new estate.