Gavin Poole

Marine Ward Campaigner

A bit about Gavin Poole

Gavin’s working-class upbringing taught him that hard work and personal responsibility is the key to success. 

After fifteen years working in the rail industry, starting at the bottom, he has had a varied career that includes managing some of the country’s busiest stations and is currently an operations manager at a busy engineering depot. 

His “can do” attitude will see him achieve a degree in environmental science and will make him an asset on the council, able to make pragmatic, informed decisions around the most important issues of our time.

Gavin's priorities for Marine Ward

  • More trees and green space to increase biodiversity and decrease flood risk and pollution 
  • Greater promotion of trade skills to ensure the next generation of builders and wealth creators 
  • Pro regeneration, but balanced with sustainability
  • Greater community engagement with encouragement of business and resident associations 
  • Green transport strategy aimed at getting people out of their cars and into sustainable transportation

See Gavin's campaign for more trees in Marine Ward on our campaign page