250 Club

The 250 Club is a self-financing Conservative club which benefits both Conservative Associations and, if they are lucky, Club members. For an annual subscription of £12.50 members are allocated a number, and have the chance to win up to £500.

Draws are made at quarterly luncheons, in February, May, August and November at a local hotel.  Lunches are a pleasant way of meeting new friends.  They are well attended in pleasant surroundings at a very competitive price. Guests are most welcome to attend a maximum of two lunches before joining. 

A 250 Club number will be allocated to you and you may buy as many numbers as you like. If you would like to receive lunch details and booking form by email please get in touch.

A bankers order is the easiest method of payment and avoids reminders having to be sent, especially now that postage has become so expensive.

Should you prefer to pay by cheque, please send £12.50 for one year’s subscription.

If you are interested in joining the 250 club, please call the office on 01903 235168, or email via office@westworthingconservatives.org.uk